Align Probiotic Review

For a long time, I’ve been looking for the perfect probiotic supplement to enhance my regular diet and help with my fitness and wellness journey.

After trawling through websites and reviews, I came across the Align Probiotic brand a few weeks ago. Their great customer reviews caught my eye, as did the brand message.

I love the idea of simple, small things that can make a change to my health. So I gave them a try, and here is my Align Probiotic Review for 2021.

What Is Align Probiotic?


Align Probiotic Capsules

Align Probiotic is dedicated to helping you build a healthy digestive system and keep it that way. They are a Procter & Gamble brand, backed by the funding and scientific research that the huge corporation can offer them.

They also have a solid reputation, featured widely in specialist media, and won awards such as the 2010 Gold Edison Award for health innovation. Align probiotics have been in business for over 10 years.

They offer three broad ranges of products: digestive support supplements, daily wellness aides, and probiotics for children. 

Moreover, their website is full of additional interesting resources delving deeper into the role of probiotics, how they impact women or children or the elderly, etc. I enjoyed seeing the range of information available to support my interest in a healthy digestive system. 

The most convenient retailers for purchasing Align Probiotic products are Walmart and Amazon, with very similar pricing. For example, you can buy the Align Probiotic Gummies Digestive Stress Relief with Ashwagandha for $7.49 on and $19.99 on (June 2021) although they appear to be out of stock quite often.. 

Additionally, you can get links to either seller directly from, which saves you the hassle of searching for specific products separately.

It bears noting that prices aren’t costly at all for the products offered by Align. Still, it’s worth checking retailers for every product, as some may be offered on special deals (at the time of writing, for example, the Kombucha On-the-go sticks were $12.90 for a pack of 7 at Walmart, yet the same pack was being sold for $29.96 on Amazon).

Align Probiotic Gummies Ingredients


Align Gummies Ingredients

I’ve been interested in trying out the probiotic gummies offered by Align, so I bought a jar of Digestive Health Prebiotic + Probiotic Gummies. These are great for nourishing the good bacteria in your gut, and they also taste amazing.

Align have included two active ingredients in the gummies: the probiotic Bacillus Coagulans and the prebiotic Inulin (sourced naturally as chicory root fiber). 

The gummies are low-sugar, with only 1 g of beet sugar per serving of two gummies. This is great if you’re calorie counting, as they’re light and won’t affect your diet.

Bacillus Coagulans is an effective probiotic with many positive therapeutic uses, such as to prevent respiratory infections and to support the immune system. The Align Probiotic Capsules contain strains like Bifidobacterium Infantis.

Additionally, the Align gummies have an excellent dosage with 1 billion CFUs (colony-forming units, which determine how active or viable a bacteria strain is).

One final point is that these are not suitable for vegans because they contain milk and milk protein (sodium caseinate) but they are gluten free.

Align Probiotic Reviews

Before purchasing these gummies, I thought it would be best to check out some Align Probiotic Reviews on Amazon first.

The overall experience with these gummies was positive. They’re widely regarded as some of the “better” probiotics on the market. They are easy to take, convenient, tasty, and not many people complain of side effects from them.

Some users complain about their smell, but most agree that they are effective and have helped with IBS symptoms people have struggled with.


This customer didn't like the smell but left 5 stars

Additionally, a great number of customers who used to take the Align capsules have really welcomed switching to gummies for their taste and convenience.


JP's symptoms got worse. He left 1 star

On the other hand, many customers whose Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms were made worse after taking these probiotics. Notably, some customers suffer from bloating and abdominal pain or with worse gas than before. 

Align Probiotics do highlight that these side effects can occur. I couldn't find any Align Probiotic Reviews talking about its use for weight loss, so this could mean that it's not the best for losing weight, but they are low in sugar, so that does count for something.

Align Probiotic Gummies Side Effects


Align Probiotic Gummies

A lot has been written about probiotic supplements' side effects, and some users of Align Probiotics indeed have themselves experienced negative effects after taking the capsules or the gummies.

In general, probiotic side effects may include abdominal pains and bloating, headaches, increased histamine levels, or allergies and adverse reactions.

Align Probiotics specifically mention digestive side effects such as gas and bloating temporarily while your system adjusts to the bacteria strain.

However, I was lucky enough not to experience any of these, and I adjusted quite quickly, enjoying taking Align Probiotic Gummies. You can read a full list of Probiotic Side Effects here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, gummies vs. pills' effectiveness is meant to be the same, but I enjoyed taking gummies as an alternative. They feel less like a supplement and more fun to take, and their fruity flavor worked well for me.

I would also say that, on the whole, I've noticed an improvement in my digestion since taking the Align Probiotic Gummies and haven't experienced any noticeable negative side effects.
The only downside of these probiotics for me was their price.

One jar of gummies is enough to last a month (60 gummies taken as one serving of 2 gummies a day), at an average cost of about $20 a month.

That's a significant financial commitment to make, but it's worth it if you have digestive issues and your body reacts well to this strain of probiotic.

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