Alicia Harper NASM-CNC founded ProbioticReviewGirl in October 2019 after a battle with IBS issues led her to discovering Probiotics and then building the Probiotic Review Girl blog.

Staying up to date with the latest probiotic information requires hours of dedication spent researching the latest studies, journals and articles from the best medical professionals.

This is only possible with genuine passion and our team at Probiotic Review Girl has a real love for MicroOrganisms and their impact on the human microbiome.

Today the Probiotic Review Girl team includes Dr. Sara Mesilhy, a distinguished Gastroenterologist. 

Dr. Sara has been featured in Healthline, MedicalNewsToday, EveryDayHealth, Medscape, Dailymail, Parade, 10play, DailyExpress, NBCNews, Mirror, DailyStar, PopSugar and more.