About Me


My name is Alicia. I grew up in small town in Minnesota, there really wasn't much to do at all. My Mom and Dad were avid farmers though and I enjoyed helping out growing vegetables and help with the farm animals. We had pigs, chickens, ducks and cows. My upbringing was filled with clean air and fresh food. Most of my days were spent outside rummaging around in nature. While it was boring at times, it was definitely a happy and healthy time.


Where I grew up playing.

I moved eventually ended up moving for College to New York. The difference was night and day! I wasn't truly prepared for the bright lights and the hoards of vehicles. Stress started taking over my body and I ended up eating a lot of junk food. My health deteriorated rapidly.

I started developing stomach issues. IBS and Bloating were chronic. Yeast infections were an embarrising nightmare. It started to effect my life in more ways most people would imagine. Seeing a Doctor was expensive and when I did manage to get to one, I was left with more questions then answers.

I decided to take my health matters into my own hands. I began a journey of self-discovery and decided to become healthy. I cut out junk food, started exercising, meditated and that started to help with things gradually. I then discovered the world of Probiotics. I was amazed at the studies out there and couldn't believe my gut had such an important part to play in my health. That is when things started to really get better for me and my symptoms got better. Not before I hit a little speed-bump though.

I got scammed by a couple of ProBiotic companies. Stupidly I didn't check any reviews or do any research and the ProBiotics I bought made my symptoms far worse. I wasted a lot of my time and money. That is what led me to start ProBioticReviewGirl.com.

I hope my reviews and informational content can help you on your ProBiotic journey. You will notice I don't make any false medical claims and any claims I do write about are referenced with scientific studies. I am also now a (very new) but proud vegan. I am going to be writing more about vegan probiotics. 

By day I am professional photographer and graphic designer. The photo's you see on this blog are mostly my work. Currently I run this blog as a hobby. My dreams for this blog however are to help as many people as possible experience the benefits of ProBiotics at the lowest prices and to one day build a time of highly skilled writers to help me with that goal. 

Until then....

Adios Amigo!


Alicia Harper