What Probiotic Does Joe Rogan Take?


Joe Rogan is a prominent American UFC commentator, podcaster, comedian, actor, and former television host. Born on August 11, 1967, he is best known for hosting "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, where he engages in conversations with a wide range of guests. Rogan's diverse interests are reflected in his career, as he is not only a stand-up comic and mixed martial arts enthusiast but also a psychedelic adventurer.

In recent years, Joe Rogan has become a prominent and influential figure, known for his podcast and his ability to engage in conversations on a wide range of topics that includes Probiotics, making him a significant player in the media and entertainment industry. 

What Probiotic Does Joe Take?

It's clear from Joe's conversation with guests that Joe is clued in on the benefits of Probiotics but he hasn't recommended any specific probiotic supplement brands for whatever reason.

Looking through his official Instagram page it seems that he follows an occasional Carnivore diet which also doesn't include much in the way of Probiotic foods.

ONNIT, a supplement company co-founded does have their own Probiotic Supplement called "Total Gut Health" but he sold the company in 2021 and doesn't actively endorse any of their supplements anymore.

It's possible that Joe Rogan could have a deal with UNILever the company who bought ONNIT stops him from promoting other supplements. 

We may never know what probiotic supplement or foods Joe enjoys. One thing that is definitely clear however, is that Joe Rogan does believe in the benefits of probiotics from his podcast discussions with guests.

Why I think Joe Rogan Does Take Probiotics

Most recently, Joe Rogan asked Dr. Peter Jay Hotez, an American scientist, pediatrician "Do you take probiotics? Are you cautious about your diet?" showing that he is interested in the topic of probiotics and possibly takes probiotics himself.

Joe Talked To Mikhaila Peterson About Probiotics

In a podcast conversation between Joe Rogan and Mikhaila Peterson, they discussed the use of probiotics. Mikhaila initially tried probiotics as part of her efforts to heal her gut and reintroduce more foods into her diet. She found that she couldn't tolerate probiotics and experienced negative reactions, including mood issues and itchiness. Joe Rogan mentions the presence of various emulsifiers and additives like soy lecithin in many foods, which can have detrimental effects on the gut. They also touch on the potential negative impact of grains and the prevalence of these problematic ingredients in the modern diet.

Another Probiotic Conversation

In another podcast episode with Joe Rogan and Chris & Mark Bell, they discussed various aspects of nutrition. The conversation also delved into probiotics and how they can benefit the gut microbiome. His guests mentioned giving probiotics to their kids through supplements and probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and kimchi. Joe Rogan, seemed impressed by this but didn't go as far as sharing what his kids took.

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