Probiotics And IBgard Guide – (THE BIG DIFFERENCE)

If you don't already know, the whole reason I started this blog was because of my extreme IBS issues. Today I no longer have IBS & own my probiotic supplement.

One of the most common questions for people taking IBgard is if they can take it with other medications and supplement's.

Many people who want to use IBgard also take probiotic supplements like the one I created to try and boost their overall gut health.

This is a smart thing to do because of how well studied probiotic usage is or different types of IBS.

In this post I will be explaining if you can take Probiotics with IBgard or not and why. 

What Is IBgard?


IBgard had one peer-reviewed study published in 2016 with 72 subjects. Subjects with either IBS-D or IBS-m were recruited in a study randomized placebo-controlled study to test if IBgard could help with either IBS-associated diarrhea or IBS constipation. The study was carried out in America in 2015 by Brooks D. Cash, Michael S. Epstein, and Syed M. Shah.

The average age of the participants was 40.7 years old in this study and there were randomized into two groups. For a total of 4-weeks half of the group took IBgard while the other half took a placebo 3-times per day.

At the end of the 4-weeks, the results were gathered so that they could check if the Total IBS Symptom Score had changed from the baseline at the beginning. Those who took IBgard noted a 40% reduction in their TISS score. The study concluded that IBgard effective treatment capable of providing rapid relief of IBS symptoms.

IBgard contains ultra-purified Peppermint oil which on the surface doesn't sound that impressive but upon deeper research, they claim that their supplement uses trademarked which allows it to reach deep enough into the intestines. Many probiotic supplements also use capsule-coated technology to help the probiotic survive harsh stomach acid conditions. 

While IBgard is not approved by the FDA as a treatment for irritable bowel supplement the ingredients are FDA approved so it's classed as a dietary food supplement. Many of the customer reviews claim that IBgard helped them poop more often, gave them more energy, and like in the study, helped with their general IBS symptoms. 

What Are Probiotics?

There are good bacteria and bad harmful bacteria that can cause someone to be sick. Probiotics fall under the good friendly category and when used as a dietary supplement they may provide various health benefits according to some studies.

They have been studied for IBS, Mental Health, Immune Health, Gastritis, Acid Reflux, and more. Probiotic supplements don't contain any peppermint oil and assist with gut health in the same way that IBgard claims to work.

Is IBgard a Probiotic?


I Created FlowFlora To Help People With IBS.

IBgard contains no Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, or any other type of microorganisms in their supplement. They instead only use peppermint oil which is not the same as any type of Probiotic bacteria or Prebiotic fiber. I couldn't find any studies showing the effects of taking both peppermint oil and probiotics plus in the previous study, no subjects took probiotics with IBgard.

Can You Take IBGard With Probiotics?

Since we have clarified that IBgard is indeed not a probiotic you may be left wondering if you can take it with a probiotic supplement like Align, Garden Of Life, Culturelle, or any other similar IBS probiotic supplements.

Studies like this one give us some insight into the effects of essentials oils on Lactobacillus probiotic bacteria. The study experimented with using cinnamon, clove, and mint essential oils in a yogurt starter culture containing Lactobacillus Rhamnosus probiotic bacteria.

The study found that the cinnamon essential oil leads to lower lactic acid production and similar results were also noted in the Mint and Clove essential oils. Unfortunately, Peppermint Oil was not tested in this study but it does give some insight into what could potentially happen when you take IBgard with probiotics. I also recently discovered, the same thing could also be true for Oregano Oil.

You can take IBgard with probiotics since the study didn't mention any adverse effects but there is potential that the essential oils like peppermint could lower the efficacy of your probiotic supplement and make it redundant. You should not take them both at the same time and I would recommend taking them 2 -3 hours apart from each other.

IBgard With Omeprazole


According to the NHS if you take Peppermint Oil then it may affect how some antacids work in a negative way. These include Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Nizatidine, Famotidine, and potentially other PPI's that work for acid reflux, ulcers, and gastritis.

They advise taking any indigestion medicines 2 hours before or after you take any peppermint oil like in IBgard. This will give it enough time to pass through the digestive tract without them both contaminating each other.

IBgard On An Empty Stomach

As noted previously taking IBgard at the same time as PPI's and Probiotic Supplement isn't advised. It's best to try and take IBgard on an empty stomach to limit any interactions with the stomach for example. The official directions from IBgard are to take it 30-90 minutes before eating any meal.

Final Thoughts

This guide has proven that IBgard is not a probiotic because it doesn't contain any probiotic bacteria. There are also no prebiotic fibers inside of IBgard but there are in FlowFlora a Probiotic I made.

If You Have IBS Check Out This Guide: IBS and Probiotics!

Some people seem to confuse it as a probiotic because of the similar effects they both may have on IBS symptoms. Furthermore, many people who take IBgard also take probiotic supplements as well.

This ibgard and probiotics guide is not medical advice and you should consult with your doctor for any questions related to IBgard since I am not a doctor. The content in this guide is not medical advice and there may be more interactions with IBgard and other medications not shared in this blog post.


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