L-glutamine and Probiotics Study For Leaky Gut

In this guide, I will be sharing a study on the effects of both L-Glutamine and Probiotics.

I will explain why both could be beneficial for leaky gut syndrome and other similar conditions.

You don't need to take L-Glutamine since it's produced naturally but I will share why many people do choose to.

L-Glutamine And Probiotics Study

This 2017 study from a Chinese burns & trauma medical university was particularly centered around the effect that severe burns have on the intestines and gut. They claimed that the intestinal tract is the largest organ in the human body and after severe burn injury this is the first organ to be damaged from inflammation.

Inflammation in the gut can lead to overgrowth of bad bacteria which in turn can lead to Dysbiosis, Leaky gut, and other conditions from damage to the intestinal wall. Apoptosis, Necrosis, and permeability of the mucosa may be the major causes that lead to leaky gut.


L-Glutamine Supplement.

The details of this Chinese study are unfortunately rather gruesome in that the rats were randomly selected to receive 100c boiling water poured over their backs to cause severe burning. It was however confirmed that the rats first received strong anesthetics. Rats lucky enough to be part of another placebo group were submerged in warm 25c water.

After this terrible experience, the rats were allowed to roam & eat freely and the L-Glutamine / Probiotic treatments were then given to different sections of the rats for 7 days once per day. Some of the rats were just given a placebo saline treatment that did nothing.

Samples were then taken, abdominal cavities were examined and the results then came in. "Rats in the severe burn group demonstrated aggravated inflammatory reactions with an increase in the apoptosis proportion among intestinal epithelial cells". The combined treatment of Probiotics and L-Glutamine stopped the spread of nitric oxide, oxidative stress, and inflammatory markers.

L-Glutamine & Probiotics For Leaky Gut


Toxins May Pass Into The Bloodstream.

The pain some of these rats had to endure at the hands of the Chinese, in the study showed that L-Glutamine and Probiotics did have benefits on the gut and this could be significant for those suffering from conditions like Leaky Gut. The condition can be best described as intestinal permeability and mucosal damage that includes inflammation or irritation which is similar to what the severe burns can cause.

In the study, the severe burns also caused intestinal permability and mucosal damage similar to leaky gut syndrome. The study did not mention what probiotic bacteria was used on the rats but a Lactobacillus Rhamnosus probiotic would be a good start. The L-Glutamine dosage also was not given but they did suggest that taking both once daily for 7-days was enough in the rats and importantly that taking both worked better than taking either alone.

Most healthy people don't need to use an L-Glutamine supplement since it's produced naturally in the body. If you do decide to take it as a supplement you should consult with your doctor and not take more than 40 grams per day. Side effects include bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, and dizziness that usually passes.

Can You Take L-glutamine And Probiotics Together?

The previous cruel Chinese study confirmed that taking L-Glutamine and Probiotics together may have combined benefits but there have been no studies carried out on humans where participants took both L-Glutamine and Probiotics at the same time.

There are some supplements available online that contain both L-Glutamine and Probiotic bacteria as ingredients and they are generally considered safe for use since they are FDA-approved ingredients.

What Is L-Glutamine?

People like Dr. Amy Myers have described L-Glutamine as the #1 ingredient for leaky gut unlike probiotic bacteria, the amino acid L Glutamine is produced naturally in the body and is the most abundant & versatile amino acid.

Studies indicated that L-Glutamine is important for making other amino acids, glucose, muscle synthesis, gut function, immune function, inflammation, and soothing intestinal tissue. L-Glutamine was first marketed as a supplement for bodybuilding but recently has become popular for leaky gut.

What Are Probiotics?

Unlike the amino acid L-Glutamine, probiotics are not naturally produced in the body. They are a type of good bacteria that you can get most from fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, and dairy products like some cheese, kefir, and organic yogurts. The most common strains are Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium.

The human microbiome which is the home for probiotic bacteria can be easily damaged from daily life and it's important to take care of the gut through diet. Too much bad bacteria can lead to dysbiosis and in turn inflammation that leads to damage that can contribute to a leaky gut. Probiotic supplements may include side stomach-related side effects.

Final Thoughts


FlowFlora Is A Probiotic I Created.

More human studies on L-Glutamine and Probiotics are needed in humans to fully understand the pros and cons of taking both together but click here to learn more about my own probiotic I created for Leaky Gut.

Hopefully, Chinese researchers won't be the ones carrying out these future studies. If you have a Leaky Gut there is some evidence that there could be benefits for strengthening the T Junctions and mucosal lining.

If you have any issues with gut health you should always consult with your doctor first and not use L-Glutamine or Probiotics as a replacement for any prescribed medication. I am not a doctor and this blog post is not medical advice.

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  • Makes good sense. I think most marketed leaky gut compounds on the market include licorice root too, no?
    Thank you for this very good explanation. Since I had COVID in February_March of 2020, I have had a series of infections, inflamation, Sepsis, and now Philadelphia Chromosome Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. I have also had prostatitis and a few other things.. The cancer medicine, Sprycell put me in the hospital as it gave me pleural effusions, and I had to have my lung drained. Thought I was a gonner.

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